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Non - Destructive Testing (NDT) & Inspection

Our Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection service is fully customisable to suit your needs. We meet and exceed expectations with our extensive experience performing NDT and Inspections from one-off jobs to major projects.

This includes projects across the mining, power generation, transport, water, oil and gas, earth moving, heavy and light manufacturing, engineering, refining, processing, food, aerospace, rail, domestic, construction, industrial and maintenance industries.

AINDT Level II Certified Technicians mean that ability and competence is assured by an internationally recognised certification organisation and as such can be checked online at any time for currency.

Our NDT and inspection services are utilised by major companies, small and medium businesses and individuals alike with the same goal, satisfying their needs to minimise cost, increase efficiency, meet statutory obligations, reduce risk, increase utilization, improve safety and improve reliability of equipment.

We provide first, second and independent third party services for any type of inspection or testing that you need. Our prompt and professional service is highly regarded by our long term customers and those who have used us for the first time.


Welding Supervision & Audit

The Hort Enterprises Welding Supervision and Audit Team pre-qualify specialist welders and boilermakers within the organisation.

The professionals at Hort are also available to undertake pre-qualification and third-party inspections for and on behalf of other organisations.